1. How do I estimate the number of appliances?
You should count every plug and include extensions, leads and adaptors.

2. Should I include appliances that have just been bought?
Yes, to be sure it is safe. Not all appliances are individually tested by manufacturers.

3. Do I need to provide a list of all appliances?
No, our engineers will test all appliances and produce an asset register which lists all the appliances and their location. A list of locations containing appliances is helpful for our engineers.

4. What tests are carried out?
We carry out a Formal Visual Inspection and then Insulation, Earth Bond, Sub Leakage and Polarity tests.

5. How long does the testing take?
Approximately 100 appliances per person per day can be tested.

6. How often should appliances be tested?
We would advise that most appliances are tested every 12 months but frequencies are based on the appliance environment and usage. Frequencies range from 6 months to 3 years and our engineers will advise you of suitable frequencies when on site.

7. What happens if an appliance fails?
We prepare a fault sheet, which we then ask you to sign to show acknowledgement. We endeavour to repair most faults on site and provide prices for these minor repairs. However, if an appliance cannot be repaired it must be removed from operation immediately.

8. What reports will we receive?
You will receive a computer generated asset register which shows: Appliance Number, Appliance Description, Appliance Location, Last & Next Test Date, Re-test Frequency and the Pass /Fail Status

You will also receive: Register of all repairs and the reason for the repair, Register of failed appliances and reason for failure, Breakdown of locations tested and number of appliances in each location and a Individual Appliance Certificates (if required).

9. What happens if I purchase new items before my re-test date?
We can arrange to test these items subject to a minimum call-out charge. Otherwise, the new items will be included in the next testing schedule.

10. How do I arrange re-tests?
We will contact you approximately one month before the re-test date to arrange a suitable appointment.

11. Can you carry out other electrical works at the same time?
We can carry out a wide range of other electrical services and would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.  Please see our page Other electrical works for a brief list of electrical services that we carry out.